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4 Putters That Can Make You Confident on Greens

Looking for that crisp sound of a golf ball falling into the cup for the first birdie of the day. Sure you can run out to the local bag and drop a few hundred dollars recommended, usually most expensive putter in the store. That could work, or it could be an expensive dust collector in the basement.
Let’s take a look at a few options that will give you that ‘ping’ you desire as you’re rolling the greens.

1. Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Black #1 Putter
Callaway Odyssey Putter Product Image

  • Laser milling insert cutting process achieves tight tolerances for consistent performance
  • Heel/toe weight placement increases forgiveness and responsiveness on strikes across the face
  • Contrasting alignment aids on the topline promote increased accuracy and stroke consistency

While playing with this putter, I found the putter is very well balanced and felt great standing over the ball. I could see my lines. It is easy to keep the putter face on the line and make solid contact. It sounded nice and though it is a lower cost option, sub $200, I think it is worth a try if you’re not looking to empty your wallet this season.

2. Golf Clubs Scotty Cameron Select Putter 2018 Newport 2
Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Product
I know, so last season, but let me tell you, you can’t go wrong with a Scotty. It might give you some feeling of status to have the latest and greatest, but if you’re looking for a club that will improve your performance…look no further. This club gives you class, style, feels and lower scores. That is what it’s all about right.
Working with this club dropped my score, ended my 3 putts and made it easy to read speeds. When I hit with this club, I know exactly how my ball will pop off the face. This is a pricey putter, but wow the difference this can make for your game.

3. Kirkland Signature KS1 Putter
Kirkland Signature KS1 Putter
Everyone loves a good deal and Kirkland doesn’t just make their infamous golf balls, they also have a solid putter for the weekend warrior looking to lose a few strokes. This club can hold its own and has a low cost of entry for anyone working on their game.

  • 100% CNC Milled 303 Stainless Steel
  • SuperStroke CounterCore Mid Slim 2.0 Putter Grip
  • Fully Adjustable Heel and Toe Weighting
  • Length: 34.5 In
  • Head Weight: 340g
  • 4. Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter
    Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter
    Anyone just starting out should seriously consider this option. Not only is the price point well within reason, it packs a punch. This putter provides the right amount of forgiveness as with an entry level club. But when you hit the sweet spot you can feel it. If you use this for nothing more than a training mechanism, you will see a difference in no time. Work the cost to add this club into the mix.

    When I go to any course, I choose the clubs that will help me that day, the clubs that feel good in my hands and mind. It’s not the price of the stick that matters, it’s what you can do with it in your hands. Make of an opportunity what you will, all you can do is move on to the next shot.

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